Tech in Action: Levi’s automates product drops and pick-ups

Codes and carousels help make a more enjoyable way to get limited edition denim.
Levis Jam3 4

Art Basel, an arts and culture event in Miami, is currently known as epicenter of creative privilege and snobbishness, thanks to someone who bought a banana taped to an art gallery wall for $120,000.

But not too far away on the beach, Levi’s is helping product drops – another symbol of status and privilege – be a little bit more fair and accessible.

At the Levi’s Haus Miami pop-up, Jam3 helped the denim brand with an LED countdown clock tied to the drop of limited edition, premium products the denim brand will announce on Instagram and Twitter. Once the clock hits zero, it generates and displays a custom code that visitors could trace onto their mobile device to reserve their product. They pay on-site and receive a QR code, which – when brought to a nearby shipping container – automatically starts a carousel that will deliver their jeans or jacket to them.

Levi’s Haus Miami is a pop-up that launched in one of the city’s art districts earlier this month along with the Art Basel festival – though it will be open until the end up February, offering product drops through the holidays and during Super Bowl LIV, which is being held in Miami this year. Besides hosting product drops, it is highly focused on customization, with a custom tailor shop and design studio – the latter of which is also very tech-forward, as visitors can use the Future Finish 3D app to design their jeans, after launching an online customization shop earlier this year.