Accenture launches sales and marketing hub in Niagara

The consultancy's new "intelligent operations centre" is focused on helping clients de-silo customer-facing departments.
Accenture-Accenture Opens New Intelligent Operations Centre in C

Accenture has opened a new space in St. Catharines, Ont. to bring a new sales and marketing service to clients in Canada.

The 68,000 square-foot space is the second Accenture has opened in the Niagara region, with the goal of adding 100 positions to the 600 staff it already employs in the area by 2021.

The new location was opened to serve as a Canadian hub for its recently launched intelligent sales and customer operations offering, which is focused on eliminating silos between marketing, sales and customer service departments, as well as looking at ways to innovate a client’s internal operations to enable consistent interactions across all customer touchpoints. Part of the way it does this is through SynOps, a proprietary Accenture platform that combines predictive data and insights with human talent and expertise to reduce costs and improve efficiency in areas including finance, procurement and marketing.

“Sustainable growth has never been more important to companies than it is today,” said Danielle Moffat, Accenture’s lead for the intelligent sales and customer operations offering. “With the customer lifecycle no longer linear, companies are expected to engage and meet customers in their channel of preference and provide relevant interactions that demonstrate an understanding of their needs. Now is the time for companies to mobilize to an integrated front office, capitalizing on data, digital levers and engagement channels to drive growth and customer loyalty.”

The new St. Catharines location is also Accenture’s third “intelligent operations centre” in Canada and joins a network of more than 50 worldwide. The centres are meant to bring learnings around innovations related to business operations from global offices to clients on the ground – representatives from Metrolinx and Enbridge were at the ribbing-cutting ceremony in St. Catharines – and help implement them.