SAAQ keeps the focus on the road

The organization's latest effort to combat distracted driving shows how the consequences are never-ending.

Le société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) is taking another run at combating distracted driving with a video designed to show the consequences can continue almost endlessly if it isn’t address.

Created by agency Lg2 and director Olivier Staub of production house Great Guns, the video is designed to be an endless loop. While the image looks to be a distracted driver not noticing the fact that they’ve collided with a pedestrian, they are looking at an image-within-an-image of a similar scene on their phone. The video then zooms into the phone, showing that driver is doing the same thing, repeating the process again and again.

The video is running across SAAQ’s digital and social channels. Distracted driving is just one of many frequent subjects SAAQ focuses on to improve road safety, but more recent issues have included driving under the influence of legal cannabis and combating the recent rise in pedestrian collisions in cities.

The new campaign has also launched alongside a new video for the treacherous winter months, showing a driver testing out the performance of his vehicle, only to wind up in an accident after realizing icy roads require an extra level of attentiveness.