Beattie Tartan launches dedicated Amazon division

The agency looks to tap into high purchase intent on the platform through search and content.
Beattie Tartan-UK-S Beattie Communications Group Merges With Can

Integrated communications agency Beattie Tartan has launched a specialist Amazon advertising and marketing division to help consumer brands drive sales on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

This new division – a three-person team, spearheaded by Beattie Tartan’s digital marketing director Daniela Young – will do “a bit of everything,” from strategy, to using display product placement and sponsored advertisements to meet their clients’ goals.

“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to grow e-commerce sales and product purchases for a client,” Young says. “Moving to explore the Amazon advertising platform is obviously kind of the best place to start.”

While it will be using paid placements, Young says one of the ways Beattie Tartan will be accomplishing its goals on Amazon will be by focusing on improving organic search listings through content. “If we have really good content and really optimized product titles, that will organically help improve the visibility of products for our clients,” Young says.

Young notes that establishing an Amazon marketing and ad team will give Beattie Tartan a better form of access to the marketplace. “It means that we’ve got direct access to the Amazon marketing team,” she says. “So if there’s any new tools, features, functionalities or marketing insights available, then we’d be one of the first to know about it and get access to better products.”

“There’s not that many advertising agencies, at the moment, that actually specialize in Amazon,” she adds. “So, we’ll be one of the first to market as well.”

Beattie Tartan also plans to rapidly grow its Amazon marketing and ad team in the future, including through possible mergers and acquisitions, though, Young says nothing is set in stone and would be based on the proper opportunity arising.

Beattie Tartan has experienced growth in other departments, recently appointing Nicole Amiel as the agency’s director of Eastern Canada. Based in Toronto, Amiel has been tasked with leading the charge on the agency expansion in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes (Beattie, founded in the U.K., has established offices in Victoria, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary under Canadian managing director Deirdre Campbell). Amiel comes from the PR world, having previous experience at KWT and Rock-It, as well as client-side at Aldo.