Ontario Medical Association highlights the value doctors give patients

A year-long campaign features physicians across disciplines helping to navigate a sometimes complicated healthcare system.

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) has launched a multi-channel effort aimed at reinforcing the value and trust Ontarians place in doctors when it comes to their health, especially when it comes to navigating the challenges of the province’s healthcare system.

The campaign, led by Etobicoke-based Yield Branding and running through the year, includes a 60-second spot running in Cineplex theatres that features doctors from 10 different practice areas, ranging from family doctors to specialists in cardiology and oncology, showcasing the many ways they contribute to bettering the health of their patients in Ontario.

In a release, John Bozzo, chief of member relations, advocacy and communications at the OMA, said the strategy and creative were based on research that showed two-thirds of Ontarians believe doctors are in a unique position to “understand the challenges of our healthcare system” and are the most trusted when it comes to addressing those issues.

The challenges of the healthcare system and making it easier to navigate have been major areas of advocacy for the OMA, especially amidst a planned overhaul of the healthcare system in Ontario by the current government that plans to reduce “hallway healthcare” in the province. However, opposition parties and advocacy groups have questioned if cuts to funding and a reorganization would instead limit access to services. The OMA had itself previously lobbied against some of these changes, particularly ones to OHIP’s billing process, arguing that it includes “flawed policies” that give the province “sweeping powers” that go beyond changes that would address the biggest need it sees in billing: simplifying the process, giving doctors more time to spend with patients (UPDATE: a spokesperson for the OMA tells strategy that while it was initially concerned about proposed changes to the audit system, after “constructive” discussions with legal and senior officials from the Ministry of Health, it is now “very pleased with the final text” of Bill 138).

The campaign message is being supported with a two-minute extended online video, closed-circuit TV in doctors’ offices, a 30-second digital spot, five shorter social posts and a radio ad. In addition, the OMA has created 10 documentary-style videos featuring each of the ten doctors sharing their personal experiences and some of their most memorable patient experiences. Media Dimensions is leading media strategy and execution.

“Authenticity was critical, so from the outset we collaborated with doctors to make sure the creative was technically accurate,” added Brad Usherwood, chief brand strategist at Yield. “Then we used real doctors and captured what they deal with every day, life threatening situations or routine check-ups, happy or sad moments, each showing how the doctor is there to give patients the best care possible.”