Who made the 2020 Creative Report Card cut?

The top 10 companies and individuals are announced, with the winners revealed at AToMiC next month.


CRCAfter months of poring through credits as vast as the annuals they’re published in, the strategy team has finally completed the 2020 Creative Report Card.

Now, it’s time to reveal the top 10 people and companies vying for the coveted #1 spot.

Today we’re releasing the handful of agencies, brands, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, designers and planners that scored the highest in their respective categories. And on March 3, at the AToMiC awards gala in Toronto, the winners will be revealed to an audience of marketers and advertisers, with the rankings also appearing in strategy’s March/April issue and available online the following day.

The annual CRC is a collection of regional, national and international awards that brands, agencies, creatives and planners take home in a given year. To look at past rankings, check out the online interactive component of the report card, which offers readers access to more comprehensive coverage of the individuals and companies on the lists. This includes current and past rankings, their award-winning work and other related news articles.

For now, here are the Top 10 companies and individuals (unranked and listed alphabetically):