NexTech goes live with 3D/AR ad network

The platform provides end-to-end solutions for agencies and brands looking to use the tech to increase interactions with online ads.


Building on its expertise in augmented reality, Toronto-based NexTech AR Solutions has launched a 3D/AR ad network with end-to-end solutions for its clients, a first for the industry.

The platform was created for brands, agencies and publishers, designed to capitalize on an estimated $240 billion global online ad market, forecasted to grow nearly 40% by 2025, according to IndustryARC.

Rob Christie, SVP of partnerships at NexTech AR, says the platform doesn’t use “special tech” but a simple HTML5 coding for banner ads on any website that’s part of a programmatic supply network. Further development is underway, he notes, to run the ads in-app as well.

nextecharadThe solution involves an interactive ad with a 3D model that users can pinch, zoom and rotate, and then transition into an AR experience if the ad is being viewed on a mobile platform.

NexTech’s end-to-end solution includes creative asset creation technology and assistance with all facets of ad campaign planning as well as execution on the new 3D/AR platform.

There is competition in the 3D ad market, Christie notes, citing Google’s 3D interactive ad format, Swirl, as an example. What sets NexTech’s platform apart however, is the AR function, he says. “The mobile viewer gets to have that extra layer of engagement, the advertiser gets the extra dwell time and opportunity for action,” he explains. “We find that dwell is going to be a real attention grabber.”

NexTech CEO Evan Gappelberg says the company’s existing clients are “enthusiastic” about the creation of 3D/AR ads in a market “where global brands constantly seek an edge in this highly competitive space.” Testing done by 3D model marketplace Sketchfab recently showed a 633% increase in sign-up conversions from 3D ads compared to traditional static ads, as well as a 376% increase in click-through rate.

The tech can be used on other platforms and networks that allow it, making it attractive to agencies and publishers who’d like to but run it in their own networks, Christie says. On the client side, he says 3D/AR ads are most appealing to brands or e-commerce vendors – essentially, anyone looking to push traffic to their site. In particular, Christie says the fashion and apparel industry is the “best fit at the moment” because the capture tech and delivery method allows for a closer inspection of a garment they won’t see in person before they buy. Outside of display ads, NexTech has previously launched AR solutions for brands to use within their e-commerce platforms.