Why Acura gave away lipstick for Valentine’s Day

Inspired by the automaker's NSX "supercar," the contest played into the "precision crafted" brand positioning.

Luxury auto brand Acura told Canadians to “pucker up” for a kiss from the luxury car division in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

The car company held a giveaway this past week with participants having the chance to be one of thirty to win a tube of lipstick inspired by the Valencia Red Pearl colour of its NSX performance model. Participants could win by commenting on posts made on Acura Canada’s social media channels, which emphasized the “limited edition” nature of the lipstick.

This “limited edition” giveaway plays into the Acura NSX’s broader positioning – the NSX is Acura’s “supercar,” a high-performing sports vehicle with a six figure price tag. One of Acura’s taglines, “Precision Crafted Performance,” is one that has been used in recent years to highlight not just how the car functions, but also the “sleek and smooth” nature of the vehicle – which also come through in the premium depiction of the lipstick and the design of its gray case itself (which features numbering showing which lipstick each winner received of the limited run).

The focus on performance was once again highlighted in Acura’s “Less Talk, More Drive” global campaign last fall, depicting a high-speed thrill ride among Acura drivers.

There were 30 winners were selected via a random draw on Monday, with the prize delivered in time for Valentine’s Day on Friday. Grip Limited was the creative agency behind the campaign.