Clearly expands AR offering

The digital-first eyewear brand provides new options to help consumers overcome fears about buying online.
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Clearly is using augmented reality to expand its virtual try-on options and address a major customer hurdle along the path to purchase.

The online eyewear retailer has added augmented reality to boost its ecomm experience, allowing customers who can’t make it to one of its three retail locations see how frames look before buying.

In addition, the brand’s AR ads on Facebook – which launched last year – have now been made shoppable. The ads previously used AR to build awareness of Clearly’s brand and product offering, driving to its website, but now offer a direct-to-checkout option.

Augmented reality has been a common tool for digital-first brands like Clearly that primarily do business online but operate in a category where the majority of consumers prefer an in-person shopping experience to ensure the right fit – a pain point confirmed in a recent consumer survey by Leger. Competition like Warby Parker and North have previously created their own virtual try-on options as well.

“There has always been a challenge for retailers to overcome consumers’ reservations about purchasing something that they haven’t been able to see or try beforehand,” says Arnaud Bussières, CEO of Clearly.