Braque launches new content marketing division

Matrice creates a dedicated unit to answer demand for standalone services, with a focus on small business and startups.

Montreal-based agency Braque has launched a new division entirely dedicated to content marketing.

The new division, called Matrice, will offer services including production and creation content, social media management and in-bound marketing, as well paid media, social and search, among others. Matrice will create its own clientele and be responsible for its own projects, but will still rely on Braque to support integrated mandates on a bigger scale.

“The immediate intent is to provide another door to which clients can come into the agency, with maybe a different sets of needs, a different mindset, that are looking for content marketing, social media, in-bound marketing solutions, to their needs,” Demers says.

He adds that Braque has offered these types of solutions before – it recently added a content marketing specialist, a digital marketing specialist and a content writer to the team – but not necessarily in a dedicated manner. “That’s definitely a market share approach where we can offer a distinct set of services to clients that may be looking only for those. We do have media and creative production in-house…but content marketing was something that required a different approach, as it was more encompassing.”

Matrice will be particularly focused on making content marketing more accessible to SMBs and fast-growing start-ups. In addition to the most recent staff additions, the agency is looking to add two to three more people this year in the Matrice division.

“We’ve seen marketing budgets shrink around us and other agencies suffer because the funds allocated to traditional advertising dwindle. We thought there’s definitely a financial opportunity to have a lower entry-level marketing services’ offering to smaller clients,” Demers says. “And more so than ever, I think many brands will have a content or social marketing approach first and then do their traditional advertising after. They want to reach younger demographics, a younger clientele that may be residing in the digital space more than ever.”