Beauty and grooming could face ‘significant challenges’

It's not just grocery: a survey suggests staying at home has changed habits in a way that could disrupt personal care categories.

Canadians have been washing their hands a lot more in the last week, but are bathing, wearing deodorant and applying moisturizers less due to social distancing and stay-at-home practices, according to a recent survey.

A survey of 652 Canadians conducted by Field Agent Canada on April 10 shows people are washing their hands, on average, 13.5 times per day – a 94% increase over how often they claimed to do it prior to social distancing, an average of 6.9 times per day.

Canadians are also bathing and showering 10% less per week, wearing deodorant and antiperspirant 16% less per week and applying facial creams and moisturizers 8% less per week (from 4.5 times per week to 4.1 times per week.

“It’s clear that the grooming and beauty industry has significant challenges to overcome due to COVID-19.” says Jeff Doucette, general manager of Field Agent Canada. “Brands in segments such as cosmetics and fragrances will be most affected.”

Canadian women would wear make-up 3.2 times per week prior to social distancing, versus 1.2 times in the past week. Canadians, in general, are also wearing much less cologne and perfume – only one time (on average) in the past week, versus 2.1 times, pre-social distancing.

The survey also shows the contrast between men and women when it comes to what they will do with their hair during this pandemic. It appears women will have longer hair in the coming months, as 74% said they will grow their hair until salons and barbers open again. Canadian men will grab a pair of scissors much sooner, it appears – with 34% saying they’ll cut it themselves, and 37% saying they’ll wait it out until salons and barber shops open again.

As for facial hair, 41% of males said they don’t have a beard and will not grow one, while 34% had a beard before social distancing. Despite this, men appear to be shaving less, from 2.9 times per week before social distancing, to 1.9 times as of last week.

As for hair colouring, 11% of women who typically get their hair coloured at salon will attempt to do so at home, versus 21% who won’t.