Lysol gains big in trust department

A Field Agent study finds Canadians also have a better opinion of retailers because of how they handled COVID-19.

Disinfectant brand Lysol is gaining ground when it comes to brand trust, according to the latest study by Field Agent Canada.

On April 20, Field Agent surveyed 603 Canadians, with respondents skewed towards women (70%) aged 35-44 (38%), who typically hold the most purchase power over household products. It asked them to list the “three brands that have most gained your trust since the start of the COVID-19 situation” in Canada.

The top brand cited is Reckitt Benckiser’s Lysol, by 86 of the respondents. While the demand for cleaning products during the pandemic has clearly had an impact, Lysol already had high brand trust among consumers: BrandSpark also awarded Lysol most trusted brand in the disinfecting cleaner category in this year’s ranking of the most trusted brands in Canada.

According to Field Agent’s data, retailers have also fared well with respect to the trust they have gained since the pandemic. Costco was second in Field Agent’s ranking, cited by 36 respondents, with Walmart following at 20. Field Agent attributes this strong performance to the retail chains’ hard-fought efforts to keep the food supply chain safe. Last week, Walmart Canada reinforced its commitment to worker and customer safety, by ramping up in-store cleaning, adding more plexi-glass barriers and mapping out physical distancing.

Popular QSRs McDonald’s and Tim Hortons followed close behind, cited by 18 and 15 respondents, respectively. Then, a tie between grocery banners Loblaw and Sobeys, named by 14 survey respondents each. Among the other brands named in the survey, though listed by fewer than 2% of respondents, were 3M Canada, Real Canadian Superstore, Kirkland, A&W, Safeway, President’s Choice and Amazon.