MS Society of Canada partners with Curiouscast

The non-profit is supporting the network's new podcast "This is MS," which educate people about the "invisible" disease.


Corus’ Curiouscast is set to release a new podcast that’s focused on helping those impacted by MS feel supported by further “demystifying” the autoimmune disease.

The podcast, called This is MS, will be supported by The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and released on Curiouscast on May 21.

Hosted by Andrea Dunn – who herself was diagnosed with MS at 31 – the podcast aims to create more understanding of the frequently invisible disease through stories of those living with, and thriving, despite the illness.

Jennifer Asselin, senior manager of public relations and communications at the MS Society of Canada, says a core part of the non-profit’s work is ensuring people affected by multiple sclerosis can participate in all aspects of daily life.

“This includes working towards breaking down the stigma that some people feel is associated with the disease,” she says, which can be enhanced by its “invisible” nature giving it something of an isolating effect. “The podcast is a good example of how we can support the MS community by sharing their stories.”

Besides helping to connect and support those currently affected by MS, the podcast aims to further increase awareness among the broader population. Asselin notes that Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world – according to the most recent Statistics Canada, an estimated 93,500 Canadians reported a diagnosis.

In 2015, this fact was the focus of the “Flee or Fight” campaign, which showed all the things Canadians are known to fight for, and requested they do the same for MS research. Since then, Asselin says the organization has been “learning to shift in the way we move our mission forward,” using as many methods as possible to support members of the community in their efforts to drive more understanding of the disease.

Asselin adds that COVID-19 has brought another uncertainty for people living with “an already complicated disease” that includes challenges like financial difficulties and barriers in accessing the proper care supports.

“COVID-19 only intensifies these circumstances and adds stress to both physical and mental health for an at-risk population,” she says, making connecting and empowering the MS community more important than ever.

Correction: The previous story stated that This is MS is owned and branded by the MS Society of Canada, when in fact the non-profit is supporting the podcast, which is created and owned by Curiouscast. Strategy regrets the error.