We can do better

A message of solidarity from strategy and Media in Canada.

Media in Canada and strategy stand in support with Black and Indigenous people in Canada, the U.S. and across the world. As the last week has shown, the violence people of colour face at a systemic level requires those with influence to speak up, and not let silence be used as sign of acceptance.

As a media company, we recognize that we occupy a position of influence within the advertising, marketing and media industries. With that influence comes a responsibility to do what we can in terms of elevating voices of colour across our editorial products and programs. We have always strived to be inclusive and reflect diversity, but we pledge to do better.

Given the enormity of the issue, this is not something that is going to get fixed overnight. It may take some time to see visible change. But in all our actions, we will be mindful of steps we can take, no matter how large or small, that can get us and the industry to where it needs to be.

We vow to continuously improve and hold ourselves accountable in order to create lasting change in the months and years ahead. We invite you to share your initiatives and ideas on effecting change, and provide us with feedback on our efforts. In turn, we will use our platforms to advocate for solutions and collaboration.

We also encourage everyone in the industry, no matter what position they hold, to reflect on their own influence and what they can do to create a meaningful difference in the industry and within the walls of their own companies.

This is an ongoing issue, one that will last long after images in the media fade. Black and Indigenous lives will always matter, and every action we take in the days, weeks and months ahead will be done with the explicit purpose of affecting lasting change. As an industry we can and must do more to be part of the solution and fight racism by working together to change attitudes and behaviours that limit the rights, opportunities and potential of people of all races.