Family trumps function in new Mercedes-Benz creative

The automaker is tying its D&I efforts into a campaign that shows there's more to the luxury brand than meets the eye.

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Mercedes-Benz recently launched the “Two Families” campaign, which tells the story of two LGBTQ+ families and the role the brand’s vehicles play in their lives.

The campaign, created by U.S.-based Merkley + Partners for the Canadian arm of the auto brand, acts as a continuation of its long-standing commitment to support the community, says Virginie Aubert, Mercedes-Benz Canada’s VP of marketing.

“["Two Families"] ties into our core values of diversity and inclusion,” says Aubert, “and it’s part of an ongoing effort to connect with our audiences not just through the quality and performance of our vehicles but in the context of their daily lives, as well.”

By showing important moments, like how when one of the families drove their Mercedes-Benz nine hours to meet their adopted daughter for the first time, Aubert says the brand is able to highlight the “lasting, powerful connections that exist between Mercedes-Benz owners and their vehicles. It’s clear that, for them, this relationship transcends the everyday and is something quite special: a feeling of family, and of belonging.”

Given the car brand’s awareness and presence in the market, Aubert says Mercedes-Benz continuously looks to create platforms for the LGBTQ+ community. “We take pride in having a diverse, inclusive workforce… A vital part of that pride and commitment involves giving voice to and increasing the visibility of members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

The brand has long supported the LGBTQ+ community through marketing that features people sharing their perspectives and talking about their lives in front of the camera, with “Two Families” as a continuation of those efforts.

For instance, in 2017, it produced a short film called “Painted with Love,” which showed LGBTQ+ people sharing memories of being taunted or bullied in their youth, with the brand commissioning an artist to paint a mural as a reflection of how they overcame their adversity. Then, in 2019, the brand’s “Many Colours of Pride” campaign had members of the community share personal reflections of the colours in the Pride flag and how they identify with them.

“From a purely marketing perspective, it makes sense to us to create campaigns that speak to people on an emotional level and cultivate lasting relationships in the process,” she adds. “We understand that driving out of the dealership is just the beginning of every Mercedes-Benz story.”