Kraft Heinz, DoorDash and Spotify hit a home run

Rethink helped the brand team up with the digital apps to recreate the baseball stadium experience at home.

Heinz Ketchup is quickly becoming the unofficial care-chup of the pandemic.

First, it gave relief to bored, screen-bound quarantiners by releasing a ridiculously slow puzzle during the early days of the lockdown.

And now, as the country comes out of hibernation, and baseball kicks back into gear, the condiment brand is relieving bellies of the hot dog-shaped hole that was left by a widespread moratorium on sports.

Hot dogs are a staple food at baseball stadiums. It’s estimated that MLB fans eat about 18.3 million condiment-doused weiners in a single season. But for obvious physical distancing reasons, the Rogers Centre won’t have fans at games when the Blue Jays return to the field on July 24. People will miss out on the action (and hot dogs) in person, and will just have to make do with watching from a screen at home.

But just like those pandemic-pivoting couples who brought the wedding experience home with a catered meal for two on the day they were meant say their nuptials, Heinz Ketchup is bringing the game day experience home with a catered hot dog meal for two or four  depending on which bundle you order on DoorDash.

Every day until the game kick-off this Friday, people can pre-order a pack of hot dogs – with Heinz’ red sauce and all the classic stadium condiments on the side – through the DoorDash website or app.

The experience even includes stadium prices: the two-pack costs $12 and $24 for four. However, delivery and service charges are on the house, with those fees from the “Heinz Game Day Dogs” to be donated by the brand to the Jays Care Foundation.

As the official ketchup sponsor of the Blue Jays, Heinz will lose out on promotional in-stadium opportunities this year. So, in addition to the DoorDash partnership, it also joined forces with Spotify to create the “Heinz Sounds of Baseball” playlist, as an added touch for the at-home baseball experience.

Rethink was behind the creative, with the Colony Project handling PR and Starcom on media.