Mini Babybel focuses on shelf

Cheese tastings have been nixed in store, so the brand is focusing primarily on store signage and coupons to drive trial.

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Mini Babybel is looking to reach Canadian families with children in a new global campaign that encourages them to “Join the Goodness” by rediscovering its healthy cheese snack.

The Providence-created campaign, which was adapted by Havas Montreal for the Canadian market, launched last week with a motion picture-style spot that’s running online and on TV in Canada and the U.S. The creative tells the story of superhero snacks that make up a balanced diet, inspiring shoppers to choose Mini Babybel versus unhealthy options like cupcakes and hot dogs.

Marie-Ève Robert, VP of marketing at Bel Cheese Canada, says that when Mini Babybel came up with its marketing mix for the campaign last fall, there was an in-store tasting component. However, due to COVID-19, that’s not an option. Robert says the plan was to continue promoting Mini Babybel with in-store signage (but without a sampling program), creating visibility in deli and dairy sections of Loblaws, Metro and IGA through danglers and front-of-tray add-ons. The brand is also offering a $1 off coupon to help drive trial.

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Robert says the in-store push ties into the overall brand platform by “putting the goodness up front,” via creative that speaks to how Mini Babybel is made of 100% real cheese, contains no preservatives and is high in calcium.

Because many Canadians are working (and learning) from home, and therefore not packing a lunchbox, there is one less occasion for which to purchase the single-serve snack. Having a presence in stores reminds consumers that “we are still here, we are offering a good option, and yes, you can get $1 off so you can try, or retry, Babybel,” says Robert.

The “Join The Goodness” campaign, which is has a larger-than-usual marketing spend, also includes 15-, 30- and 60-second spots. The commercials will air across national TV, digital, PR, influencer and in-store retail channels in July and again from September to November.