Why Moxie’s wanted its own online ordering platform

With X-Dine, the restaurant chain is hoping to learn more about its customers by nurturing a direct relationship.

Moxie’s is launching a new online ordering platform in hopes that it will capture more of the at-home dining market while keeping ownership over its customer data and brand experience.

“X Dine” was tested in August at Moxie’s locations in Richmond, B.C., Calgary, Mississauga and Kitchener, and a national roll-out is expected in the next couple of months. The online ordering application allows customers to order directly from a local Moxie’s restaurant locations for pick-up.

Moxie’s has already been working with third-party delivery services like UberEats and SkipTheDishes, but according to Manoj Jasra – who was hired as chief digital officer and CMO at Moxie’s parent company Northland Properties last year – delivery platforms can’t provide the benefits that come through having a direct relationship with a customer.

“Imagine having to acquire the same customer over and over again, versus having them as part of our ecosystem of loyalty. I think that’s a major opportunity,” Jasra says.

Through X-Dine, Moxie’s will be able to drive customers directly to its own website to generate demand for both at-home and dine-in options. It will enable greater control as it pertains to the customer experience, and provide the brand with a better understanding of its consumers’ wants and needs. It will also facilitate the delivery of featured promotions, discounts, seasonal offers and first access to new menu items.

“As we understand what people are ordering, and how much they order, I think we can be contextually-relevant in regards to the types of offers we serve or what kind of preferences you have,” Jasra says. There are also immediate cost benefits, allowing customers to avoid delivery fees from third-party services and Moxie’s getting direct revenue by using its own platform.

“We want to obviously drive the best experience, whether that’s through takeout, delivery, or through dine-in. That’s important to us, because we’re an experience-based company. We’re hospitality at our core – so we want to be able to deliver that amazing experience.”

Part of the experience, Jasra says, is telling the brand’s “food story,” showing its ingredients, restaurants and real chefs, amplified on social media platforms and direct channels, giving a behind-the-scenes look that helps consumers feel like they are part of the creation experience. Like other restaurant chains whose dining rooms were closed for several months, Moxie’s repurposed its stock on hand to launch meal and drink kits that customers could enjoy at home.

Over the course of the pandemic, the food story has included content showing how menu items like its Vegetarian Power Bowl is made, or guided cooking videos from its chefs. Moxie’s will also take that approach in the video and micro-influencer content that will be driving awareness of X-Dine, which will also be promoted through owned channels and paid search and social.