MoveSnap drops an album to break through the noise

The digital moving concierge service adds more consumer-facing marketing to its B2B approach as it eyes a national expansion.

Residential moves can be stressful – not only having to deal with logistical things like moving furniture, but also accounting for transferring utilities, gathering information about land transfer taxes and finding a locksmith.

To break through to home buyers in need of its services, MoveSnap – a digital moving concierge service – is shifting from a purely B2B to include more consumer-facing marketing, creating its own hip-hop album to ease the stress of moving.

As part of its new “A Job Well Avoided” platform – developed by agency Broken Heart Love Affair – MoveSnap has launched “A-Void,” a four-song “bubble rap album” about moving. The songs on “A-Void” are all a play on words, like “Movin’ On” by Shawn Desman, “Off to the Next” by Maestro Fresh Wes and “Need Some Space” by Mia Martina. All of these artists span different generations, ideal for reaching a target of people between 25 to 45, and the album is available on Spotify.

The platform was developed from the insight that, generally speaking, people don’t like moving. MoveSnap wanted the name and framing of the platform to tie to its brand purpose of helping ease that stress, according to Phuong Tran, head of marketing for the brand.

“When many of the hassles of moving are taken care of, people can feel good about having avoided that painful job,” she says.

MoveSnap’s album drop comes as national home sales are up 45.6%, year-over-year, in September, avoiding an expected dip in the market. What’s more, Re/Max brokers and agents recently projected that the Canadian housing market is to remain active for the rest of the year “due to pent-up demand and low inventory levels.”

Tran says MoveSnap’s marketing has typically been B2B-focused, as agents and brokers pay a fee to provide it as a value-add for consumers. It has generated decent awareness among real estate agents in Ontario, and there remains a heavy B2B element with its new campaign, but with its expansion into Quebec in March, the brand is now taking adding more consumer-facing work to generate more awareness nationally.

“The biggest thing for me was we needed to break through,” Tran says. “It needed to be something unconventional and, [when] looking at the pandemic, hopefully a constant that would help lift people’s moods – something fun and engaging.”

MoveSnap will be promoting the album through paid digital and social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and across the Google network (including YouTube). Epitaph Group handled the media.