Jon Hamm chooses Skip Rewards over showbiz awards

The delivery app promotes its new loyalty program by pivoting its messaging to focus on the freedom to do whatever you want.

SkipTheDishes is calling out its recently launched no-fee rewards program, while pivoting to a more personal autonomy/empowerment form of messaging.

With the latest series of spots for the brand, Jon Hamm is once again trying to prove his Canadian bona fides, though he is also embracing feeling free and empowered to do whatever he wants. Wearing a “Canadian tuxedo” (dressed head-to-toe in denim) rather than the conventional black tie award season attire, he blows off award shows to order curry and pizza (with pineapple, naturally) at home.

Even though Hamm is supposed to win an award at one of the shows, the fact that he got a free meal through Skip Rewards is an even better prize in his eyes.

Launched in the fall, Skip Rewards is automatic for every SkipTheDishes user, allowing them to earn points for every purchase and driving frequency with a “Gold” tier that’s unlocked after only two orders in one month.

Cheryl Radisa, VP of marketing at SkipTheDishes, says the fact that every user is automatically enrolled in Skip Rewards is the program’s major differentiator, along with not having additional fees.

That fits well with the message of empowerment in this campaign, which she says represents a strategic pivot for Skip as it continues to move from driving awareness for its service to differentiating it in what is becoming a crowded market amid skyrocketing demand. The idea of “freedom” is the one that best resonates with its core demo of 18- to 35-year-olds, though Radisa points out that his begun to extend older as its user base has grown during the pandemic.

While the pandemic has been a clear driver of demand, Radisa says customers also typically turn toward delivery apps in the fall thanks to what is traditionally colder weather and Canadians hunkering down. While she would not say whether ad spend is higher or lower than previous seasonal efforts, Radisa says the latest effort continues a “strong investment in the brand.” She adds that Skip has seen a lot of success with a media mix of traditional and digital channels, both above and below-the-line.

TV spots for the new campaign will be accompanied by digital cut-downs and out-of-home. Creative was led by Arrivals + Departures, which has spent three years working on ads featuring Hamm for Skip, while UM handled the media planning and buying.