Humanise Collective joins global indie agency network

By joining TheNetworkOne, the collective looks to build reach beyond borders for both itself and clients.

The Humanise Collective has joined the independent agency network TheNetworkOne to help clients looking for global reach and grow its own portfolio of international clients.

The Humanise Collective – which is comprised of agencies Bleublancrouge, Youville Haussmann Park, U92, Tulipe, L’Institute Idée, Glassroom, Fieldtrip and Alice & Smith – is joining a network of 1,200 other independent agencies across 109 countries within its ecosystem, with services ranging from advertising, branding and design to PR and media.

For clients, TheNetworkOne enables them to find suitable agency partners in their respective markets. For agencies, membership gives them opportunities to grow, pitch for international clients or expand its presence for an existing client.

Humanise is the third TheNetworkOne member in Canada, joining health and pharma agency Klick and Toronto full-service agency Mayk. TheNetworkOne notes to strategy that it regularly collaborates with 30 other non-member independents in Canada, including Energi PR, VCM Media and Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Sébastien Fauré, co-founder of Humanise Collective and CEO of Bleublancrouge, describes a number of the group’s clients as “emerging businesses” in industries such as pharmaceutical, beauty, clothing, telecommunications, ecommerce and gaming, which are beginning to look outside of Canada to continue their growth. TheNetworkOne provides the Collective with access to the local talent and knowledge to tackle those global marketplaces.

“When you have the potential and the talent, you want to have access to the U.S., you want to have access to Europe,” Fauré says. “It’s becoming a global market in many ways, and we feel there’s a lot of companies in that mindset, where Canada is not big enough.”

The Collective also wants those global connections to expand the network’s overall skills and capabilities. One of the ways it hopes to do this, Fauré says, is by offering other agencies in the network some of its unique, proprietary tools and methods, like Bleublancrouge’s structural mapping process that identifies the emotional drivers of brands, or the expertise at gaming studio Alice & Smith, which has already begun developing projects that will appear in 25 countries.

“We want to flex our muscles and be used to work on an international scale,” Fauré says. “You become [an international agency] by practicing.”