What Canadian brands have planned for Super Bowl LV

An updated collection of which brands have committed to the big game and what creative they are using the time for.

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The 55th iteration of the National Football League’s championship game will air this Sunday, with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers making history as the first team to play the game on their home field.

That’s not the only first that will happen during this year’s game, however. As Canadians watch from their homes amid pandemic lockdowns, several brands will make their Super Bowl debuts during CTV’s broadcast of the game, while others will premiere new creative specifically for the big game.

Here is a rundown of all of the ads we know you can expect to see between snaps.


The food delivery service is returning to the Canadian broadcast of the Super Bowl with new creative that once again features Jon Hamm.

“Since football fans are celebrating the Super Bowl differently this year and watching the game at home, Skip is encouraging viewers to treat themselves by ordering whatever food they’re in the mood for, no matter how unconventional it may be,” a SkiptheDishes spokesperson told strategy via email.

In that spirit, Skip will air a comedic spot titled “Bressert,” in which Hamm orders a cheesecake for breakfast, during the pregame and throughout the game.

“In terms of emotional sentiment, the appetite for entertainment and humour has never been stronger for Canadians,” the spokesperson said. “We also wanted to show up to the Super Bowl with our brand of humour and Jon Hamm, to bring some levity and entertainment to those watching the big game this year.”

Uber Eats


This food delivery service will air its first Super Bowl spot in support of its “Eat Local Relief Effort” initiative, which features Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey reprising their roles as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. The pair teased the new spot during Saturday Night Live last weekend, and it will air in both the U.S. and Canada.


The automated investment service will air three new spots during the game on Sunday.

“Historically, our ads have been more brand-focused to showcase our mission as a company, but this year our ads will introduce Canadians to a new Wealthsimple product that we’re really excited about,” says Mike Giepert, executive creative director. “The spots aim to illustrate that Wealthsimple products are for everyone.

Kits Eyecare

The Vancouver-based company has been running a poll to determine which of the three spots from its first brand awareness campaign would air during the game, and voting was “neck and neck between all three,” says Patrick Scissons, founder and CEO of OstrichCo, which developed the campaign. The winner of the vote will air between plays during the big game, while the other two spots will air during the pregame.

Kraft Heinz

As an extension of its “Draw Ketchup” campaign that began last month, the CPG giant has updated its 30-second campaign spot to feature some of the many drawings that have been submitted during its contest, and it will air the update during the game.

Maple Leaf Foods

The food company doesn’t have anything new in store for the big game this year, but its “Sister Time” spot, promoting its Prepped and Ready line of food products, will run between plays.


The Swiss brand made a late decision to add its first-ever Super Bowl buy to its broader TV plans in both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

It will air a previously-produced spot promoting its new Menthol Centres product, with a number of social and second-screen executions in the Canadian market.

Other brands

According to broadcast rights holder Bell Media, Pepsico, Samsung Electronics Canada, TDL Group and Tide are among the brands that will also air creative during the game. In addition to SkiptheDishes, Uber Eats and Wealthsimple, Pepsico, TDL Group and Tide will premiere new creative.