Mark’s touts the simplicity of ecommerce

The retailer's latest TV campaign is not just highlighting the casual ease of its products, but of how its customers can buy them.


Mark’s is continuing to put more distance between itself and its industrial clothing roots, once again highlighting the retailer’s assortment of casual wear.

The latest TV-led campaign, “All Things Simple,” calls out the retailer’s ecommerce site, where “we make shopping head to toe simple,” so that Canadians can better enjoy the small moments like a dad playing with his kid, or friends hanging out. Cartier developed the creative, while the brand’s in-house media agency and Touché! handled media.

Eva Salem, Canadian Tire’s VP, marketing tells strategy that Mark’s chose to lead the campaign with TV in order to reach as many people as possible and highlight the variety of its casual apparel and simplicity of its “fairly frictionless” ecommerce.

The online product assortment is curated, edited and streamlined for ease-of-purchase, Salem says, to reflect current shoppers’ “get in, get out” mindset during the pandemic. Salem adds that “All Things Simple” is geared toward active families, and that helping people shop quickly and easily really resonates with the demo’s current priorities.