How Heinz is pushing its portmanteau sauces in-store

The company's success creating top-of-funnel demand online helps compliment trial and repeat efforts for LTOs.


Kraft Heinz is tapping the wisdom of crowds for its latest sauce innovations, and pushing these LTOs in-store.

The CPG scoured the web looking for posts by condiment lovers, “crowdsaucing” the newest combinations in its limited-time selection: Heinz Tarchup (a mix of tartar sauce and Heinz Ketchup), Wasabioli (wasabi and garlic aioli) and Hanch (hot sauce and ranch). And unbeknownst to online posters, their suggested food creations went from figments of their imagination to a reality.

Kraft Heinz BIL Crowdsauced Floorstand ENG

The effort launched with a social-led campaign two weeks ago, but the CPG company is now in-market with a shopper program at grocery retailers nationally, highlighted by in-store displays that share the “warning” that Canadians should be careful about what they post, since Heinz “might make it into a sauce.”

“With this being a limited edition, it’s important to not just drive strong awareness, but also drive breakthrough and disruption at the store level to increase trial and repeat potential,” says Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building and innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada.

“The in-store campaign components have helped tie the campaign creative together, and ensure that the Crowdsauced condiments drive strong trial in-store,” he says.

Gotlib tells strategy the shopper program for the sauces is expected to be in market until roughly September, depending on the retailer.

According to Gotlib, the launch of Mayochup and Mayoracha in 2019 were both very successful and showed the brand that there is a great appetite for interesting mashups among Canadians, especially while more of us spend time at home and look to their most trusted brands to fill their pantries.

While there is a sizeable shopper component, Gotlib says Kraft Heinz is learning that social and earned media can really help it drive strong demand among consumers for limited edition items, making it that much easier for shopper to move customers through the funnel.

“Sometimes, the starting point of that demand begins online,” he says. “Surprisingly, there is a lot of social conversation about condiment mashups.”

According to Gotlib, the LTO SKUs have widespread appeal, but that it’s seeing younger consumers really interested in more polarizing and bolder flavours and varieties.


The broader campaign includes OOH, social content, and an integrated influencer component.

The new mashups are now available across Canada at select grocery stores for a limited time and post trial Kraft Heinz is calling on Canadians to share the strangest foods they pair with them on social.

The campaign creative was led by Rethink, while The Colony Project did PR, sponsored content and influencers. Carat was behind the media buy.