Lg2 adds two CDs in Toronto

Responding to a streak of client growth, Jeff Cheung and Rana Chatterjee become the office's first CD hires since opening six years ago.

Though it has been six years since Lg2 opened its office in Toronto, the creative team of Jeff Cheung and Rana Chatterjee mark the agency’s first creative director hires.

The agency has experienced organic growth with existing clients and taken on new work that it has yet to announce, and that growth necessitated the hiring of more senior-level talent, says Chris Hirsch, partner, VP and ECD at Lg2 in Toronto.

In their new roles, Cheung and Chatterjee will help Hirsch and fellow partner, VP and ECD Nellie Kim, run the creative department and mentor its roster of copywriters and art directors, while continuing to lead their own work, he says. “We want to get their eyes on everything.”

Cheung and Chatterjee spent the past six years working as ACDs at BBDO Toronto.

Hirsch says the quality of work Cheung and Chatterjee are known for is consistently high, pointing in particular to their award-winning “Parkscapes” campaign for the Regent Park School of Music, but also campaigns for Skittles, Snickers, OLG and Doritos, among others.

They join an agency that has never “been on a crazy trajectory of growth” and that has opted instead to “grow responsibly, making sure we’re bringing on the right people and working with the right clients,” says Hirsch, who notes that Lg2 Toronto now has 54 employees.

“We’re loving this pace. It allows us to service global brands while at the same time being working partners,” he says. “The people and the product are the most important thing to us. Growth is just a byproduct of that.”