The new collaborators

Brands' evolving needs call for a new mix of talent and skills

New Collaborators_1The best partner is a problem solver. In fact, sometimes it feels like they work telepathically, understanding the issues you’re facing and coming up with solutions before you even have to ask.

It doesn’t matter if they’re idea generators, tech gurus or sources of targeted data, a great collaborator makes you think about things in new ways. They know how to blend their expertise with yours so brands can begin more relevant conversations with consumers.

Because, let’s face it, the complexity involved in reaching a target group and meaningfully interacting with them on multiple platforms simultaneously is getting more complicated every year. Marketers can’t be experts at everything, all the time.

Fortunately, the range and scope of content partners – from hybrid shops with platform-spanning CX skills to media companies with deep audience and creative expertise – is also evolving, to meet the new consumer connection opportunities.

Mom always said we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. So, in the spirit of true collaboration, we’ve gathered together some brand partners who have mastered the art and science of resonating and connecting across multiple lanes.

(Disclaimer: Collaborators may or may not be telepathic.)

The New Collaborators:


The Globe Content Studio: making brand stories relevant

Rogers Sports & Media: harnessing the power of fandom

55 Rush: finding opportunity in moments of change

Thinkingbox: skating to where the (digital) puck is going

Salt XC: turning memorable moments into goals-oriented content