Quebec dairy co-op Nutrinor is getting a makeover

The brand leans into trends around traceability, sustainability and innovation to be seen as more than a regional player.


Typically, a challenge for Quebec-based brands is to resonate with consumers in the rest of the country. However, with dairy co-op Nutrinor, it’s about being better known within the province of Quebec itself.

Nutrinor was founded in 1949 in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean but remains a niche, regional commodity. But with the help of design agency Pigeon and others, it’s looking to change perceptions and solve an awareness problem with a revamped brand platform and campaign launch across Quebec.

The aim is to both humanize the brand and showcase its innovation portfolio – which includes lactose-free products, organic dairy and a barista-targeted line – but also lean into its traceability and sustainability message: “On change le monde une pinte à la fois” (“Changing the world, one pint at a time”). The products also carry the sustainable agriculture badge that brings to life the cooperative’s recent green initiatives.

Kelly Shipway, EVP at Nutrinor, tells strategy the new brand ecosystem is meant to better connect with consumers by breaking conventions around milk by building on what sets it apart, namely the unique land, the traceability, and the sustainable agriculture model.


The product origin, Shipway says, was the chief attribute to call out on pack.

“We are local and we are traceable. It is a combination that becomes a strong unique selling proposition which makes us unique,” she says. According to Shipway, customers can know the exact date and farm where the milk was produced, as consumers are increasingly valuing locally produced products.

The new identity also embraces Nutrinor’s origin with a revamped logo embedded in an organic shape that calls to mind the Lac Saint-Jean region.

The “since 1949″ is also a key callout, she says, adding legitimacy and credibility in the space. Finally, it’s “Nordic” / “lait nordique” “northern region” positioning was key, as a nordic terroir and flavour profile is unique to Nutrinor, and that’s the common thread linking product to innovation.


At shelf, Shipway says that, especially during a pandemic when people are spending less time roaming the aisles, being eye-catching is key.

“Because the budget was limited to develop a full shopper strategy, the packaging had to deliver by itself with a strong block effect,” she says.

Its prior platform, Shipway says, was not only lacking a uniform, cohesive feel, but was not reflective of the dynamism of the organization, and investments in product innovations.

Shipway says it now has a product that truly fits in with wellness positioning and now it has a more accessible personality and feel that enables it to compete for traditional retail.

The campaign includes posts on various digital and social platforms, radio advertising and a number of content creation initiatives involving PR and influencers.

For the launch, Nutrinor and Pigeon’s multidisciplinary team is working in collaboration with partners such as Massy Forget Langlois for the press relations part, Montreal’s Espace M for strategy and media positioning and Chicoutimi’s Arsenal Web for the website.