Neutrogena appeals to Quebec’s skincare needs

The cosmetics brand is celebrating the province's unique face cleaning rituals as it hikes ad spend in the province.

“My Way” was Sinatra’s signature song and now Neutrogena wants Quebeckers to do it their own way.

Sid Lee’s work for the cosmetics brand is “À ta façon (‘Your way’),” a campaign specifically geared to the Quebec market, aims to show there’s no one way to moisturize and that different skincare rituals deserved to be celebrated.

The creative showcases relatable everyday scenarios such as a girlfriend walking in on her sheepish boyfriend, who’s washing his face with her products.

“As brands often re-purpose national marketing communications for the Quebec market, they overlook a critical responsibility to sincerely speak to Quebec consumers,” says Adam Walker, senior brand manager for Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena brand. He adds that the company has since evolved the brand positioning from being a leader in skin health to what Quebecers have been looking for all along – “a brand that feels more like them.”

The brand, Walker says, immersed itself in the local market to hear and learn from Quebecers directly, which led to uncovering three critical insights.

First, Quebec consumers have a confidence and sense of humour that deserves to be celebrated. They also have a very deeply personal, daily functional or emotional relationship with skin care – making every routine unique. Lastly, they love seeing the diverse beauty of the population celebrated through stories like ones told in the creative, he says.

For the campaign, the brand created a full funnel, 360 campaign which includes online, social media, TV, public relations and retailer activations. “We also partnered directly with Quebec agencies, production teams, and on-camera cast members, and will have ongoing engagements with Quebec influencers and media properties to drive relevant local awareness,” he says.

The target audience is as broad as the campaign – Quebecers of all skin types, inclusive of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities.

While Neutrogena is a trusted brand nationally, it has the potential to grow in the Quebec market, according to Walker. As such, it has increased ad spend in the province by 40% to help reach a bigger portion of the province’s skin care users. “We believe it is  imperative to show Quebecers the extent to which we value them,” he says.

In addition to Sid Lee, who acted as the lead creative agency for the campaign, Neutrogena collaborated with J3/UM on media and Golin and DDMG on PR.

Stateside, the brand just unveiled its diversity-championing “For People With Skin” campaign featuring actress Kerry Washington, part of its efforts to make skincare health more accessible.