2021 Agency A List

How Canada's top agencies channeled creativity and grit to master a year of non-stop challenge

Last year, we introduced our A List prognosticating, “It will be a year like no other.” Given the pandemic had the world in its viral grip, it wasn’t a hard prediction to make.

For an agency to stay at the top of its game required staying power that’s built on solid fundamentals. As the A-List qualifying criteria includes taking top honors on the global, national or regional awards stage, each of these firms was already on a strong trajectory. And while the whole industry has had to make tough business decisions, staying true to their core values allowed these companies to not only keep the lights on, but prosper in the face of uncertainty.

While others were trying to figure out what the new normal would look like, these agencies were busy creating it. Whether that meant reshaping future work environments and keeping virtual cultures vital, or doubling down on originality and strategic acuity, these A Listers have demonstrated how to adapt and create new opportunities. So read on, and see how it’s done.

The 2021 A-Listers:

Zulu Alpha Kilo: from strength to strength

Target: natural born storytellers

doug&partners: ready for whatever’s next

UM: winning in an uncertain world

C&B: connecting on a deeper level

Initiative: doubling down on innovation and creating cultural velocity

Media Experts: shaping what’s next

Giants & Gentlemen: the power of unwavering philosophy

Wunderman Thompson: a multidisciplinary service offering

DDB: the power of informed creative

Citizen Relations: making every conversation count