Perrier eyes a new healthy niche in energy drinks

The sparkling water brand is filling demand for healthier options in the category.

Perrier is launching a new beverage drink that it says will fill a gap in the energy drink category.

Called Perrier Energize, the product is an organic, plant-based beverage – an important distinction for the brand, which says its research shows that while 52% of Canadians are interested in drinks with additional benefits (most importantly, energy), half of them say they wish they had healthier options to choose from.

That demand created an opportunity for the premium sparkling water brand.

“We noticed a shift in demand in this category toward more ‘naturality,’ without artificial ingredients or artificial taste, and with lower sugar and organic ingredients,” explains Lina Benkhaldoun, marketing director for Perrier Canada.

The drink is being sold in three flavours: grapefruit, pomegranate and tangerine. Its packaging aligns with the core brand’s colour scheme to attract loyal Perrier consumers, while specifically calling out its caffeine content and organic certification to attract those seeking a healthier energy drink alternative.

“Our main objectives were to express our concept of clean energy, while also ensuring we had an attractive, eye-catching design and strong visibility on-shelf,” Benkhaldoun says.

To bolster its on-shelf visibility, the company has established a marketing plan that includes a variety of on- and off-shelf tools in-store, as well as out of home.

The caffeinated water segment has been surprisingly competitive of late for such a specific niche. PepsiCo recently introduced “Bubly Bounce,” with “on the scene with caffeine” messaging, which it teased on Instagram last summer. Challenger brands like WakeWater have also jumped aboard, positioning themselves as a healthy alternative to coffee or traditional energy drinks.

Strategic Objectives handled PR for the Perrier Energize launch.

Perrier recently cozied up to the arts world, teaming up with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami for an LTO 500 and 250ml design collab.