Fountain Tire takes its birthday celebration online

As drivers look to hit the road again, the contest is the latest way the retailer has been nimble in responding to the pandemic.

On the heels of an unusual year for the automotive sector, Fountain Tire has launched a two-month long giveaway promotion to celebrate its 65th anniversary.

The promotion, “65 Days of Giveaways,” is as much intended to mark the important milestone for the business as it is to help Canadians celebrate the return of summer – particularly one that carries a sense of optimism amid the pandemic.

“There is a lot to anticipate this summer – people are ready to get out, take back and celebrate life,” explains Denise Gohl-Eacrett, director of brand and customer experience at Fountain Tire. “This was a great opportunity to be part of our communities and customers’ lives – we want to be on the road with them.”

The campaign centres on a microsite where Canadians are encouraged to visit daily and open one of 65 virtual garage doors, corresponding with the appropriate day in the giveaway. Behind each digital door is a prize, ranging from Raptors tickets to Best Buy gift cards to a set of Goodyear tires. In total, there are 100 prizes to be won – including an undisclosed grand prize on the final day of the giveaway. Fountain Tire is promoting the giveaway through its digital and social channels.

The giveaway is the latest reflection of how things have changed for the business since the onset of the pandemic. While considered an essential service, demand for auto parts and service has been all over the map for the last 15 months, doing down as people are driving less for work, shopping and get-togethers, but up when lockdown orders ease or as people look for local trips for travel and vacations.

Fountain Tire has been “very nimble” in responding to this, says Gohl-Eacrett, including remote vehicle pick-up and drop-off, digital reports, contactless drop-off and direct appointment booking.

The digital approach to this giveaway is the next step in that adjustment.

“Fountain Tire has celebrated every milestone and the 65th anniversary would be no different, other than in how the campaign is executed,” says Gohl-Eacrett. “Not knowing the state the pandemic would be in when launching, we felt that digital was the best way forward.”

Though the platform on which the giveaway is being held has evolved, the promotion itself has deep roots.

“Prizing has not been in our strategy in the last few years, but Fountain Tire has a deep history of celebrating key milestones by giving back to communities and that has included prizing,” explains Gohl-Eacrett, citing giveaways of mini-helicopters and vehicles, as well as free community events such as drive-in movies and Goodyear blimp rides.

All of it builds upon the brand’s platform “of being on this road together.”

Strategy and creative for the promotion was handled by FCB, while Guru Communications handled media planning and buying. Promotion Solutions was responsible for contest management and web development.