Pick-up more popular than delivery for online grocery

Field Agent's insights also reveal that quality, freshness and the ability to utilize discounts are the biggest barriers to adoption.

groceriesAccording to the latest insights from Field Agent, 53% of shoppers surveyed use online services to shop for groceries at least some of the time.

Also, a further 30% of respondents report that even though they haven’t done much online grocery shopping yet, they would be open to the idea.

The insights firm’s figures, based on data from 1,000 Canadians collected earlier this month, aims to reveal the state of digital grocery in Canada.

Unsurprisingly, nearly every shopper surveyed does at least some shopping in-store. But 38% now use curbside pickup for online purchases, with 25% opting to pick up their purchases inside their local store. Some kind of at-store pickup option remains more popular than options that would have groceries delivered to the home – 21% said they get groceries through package delivery, with 20% say they use a delivery service that picks out products from a local store.

Overall, according to Field Agent, “it’s a rosy forecast for online grocery retail,” with more than half of our shoppers planning to purchase more groceries online in the future than they do now. Store pickup services, it says, are also expected to trend upward.

While these methods have grown in popularity, they still remain supplementary to the in-store shop, with only 9% of respondents making more than half of their purchases online or through an app.

Among Filed Agent’s other findings are that shelf-stable CPG items are preferred when shopping online, far more popular than fresh produce or other easily-bruised items.

Toothpaste is the top item selected, with 64% of respondents who grocery shop online saying they were “at least moderately likely” to buy online. It was followed by closely by chips and other salty snacks (62%) and breakfast cereal (60%).

Meanwhile, the three least popular items were tomatoes (25%), chicken breasts (25%) and bananas (29%).

Freshness and control remain barriers to online shopping adoption, though respondents also very concerned about not having the same ability to redeem deals as they do in-store, with 63% saying they are worried that they wouldn’t be able to use coupons and other discounts online.

The Field Agent findings also corroborate other research that has shown online ratings remain incredibly valuable: 91% of shoppers report that they consult online ratings and reviews before making purchases.