Oh Henry! debuts a new, felt-covered face of its brand

Created to add humour to solving hunger, a puppet named Hank will play a major role in the brand's future activities.


Oh Henry! is leaning into humour with its new brand character: a spokespuppet named Hank, aimed at millennials who respond better to ads that are more than “wallpaper” in their media habits.

Devised with help from agency Anomaly, the enthusiastic yellow puppet is designed to help people solve their hunger pangs – and nothing else.

In a TV spot, Hank drops in on a stranded, hungry mountain climber whose ropes are tangled, giving him an Oh Henry! and proudly declaring “problem solved” before swinging off, having dealt with what was clearly the more pressing of his two issues. In a spot created for social, Hank hurls candy bars to a peckish window washer whose high rise platform has malfunctioned, before closing the window and leaving him be.

Erin Wilbur, business director at Anomaly, says that as the go-to “hunger bar” for millennials, Oh Henry! knew its brand communications had to actually add some entertainment to the lives of the hungry folks it wants to feed, given that hunger and cravings are a chief complaint of its millennial target. The character’s introduction was informed by insights that its target demo didn’t want more advertising that was wallpaper and that it had to give them entertainment value, especially in a digital space.

“Picking up on the humour served up by channels like Adult Swim, Oh Henry! wanted to wade into the waters of comedy content and found the perfect brand character to lead the way,” Wilbur maintains.

The brand has worked to create connections with different, specific consumer groups, like gamers through its Level-Up bar and cannabis enthusiasts with its 4:25 bar. But Wilbur points out that satisfying each of those groups’ “hunger moments” has been a common thread, and with Oh Henry!’s portfolio catering to a wide variety of hunger occasions, the new character needed to have wide appeal.

“We wanted a character that felt universally likeable and immediately familiar, just like the puppets we all grew up with,” Wilbur says. “Just a regular guy with a penchant for delicious peanuts, caramel and fudge wrapped up in chocolate.”

The brand has a full 360-degree plan to support the launch of Oh Henry’s latest creative platform, and partnered with UM for media.

For social, Hank will be featured in Facebook and Instagram Newsfeed, Stories and IG Explore, driving top of mind awareness.

Between August 17 and September 13, the chocolate brand will also be partnering with Circle K to execute a store take-over in its Ontario stores. There will be multiple communication elements including retail displays, racks, and floor stickers.

Hank stars in a TV spot, OLV, and some YouTube director’s mix bumpers, and according to Wilbur, will continue to be the face of the brand for years to come and play a big role in everything the brand does.