How Facebook is fighting COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

Introducing Let Me Explain: A new video series that breaks down complex topics

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 2.02.22 PMIn the spirit of communicating with greater transparency and clarity around its policies, Facebook is introducing a new video series called Let Me Explain. Each video in this series will break down a complex topic related to safety and integrity on its platforms. In the first episode, Let Me Explain takes a look at how Facebook is fighting COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.

To address the challenge of misinformation on its platforms, Facebook has built a global network of more than 80 independent fact-checkers who review content in more than 60 languages. And thanks to these significant investments in people and technology — like Artificial Intelligence — Facebook is making progress.

Since the pandemic began, Facebook AI systems have taken down COVID-19-related material that global health experts have flagged as misinformation and then detected copies when someone tries to share them. As a result, Facebook has removed more than 12 million pieces of content about COVID-19 and vaccines.

But it’s not enough to just limit misinformation that people might see. Facebook also connects people to reliable information from trusted experts. Through its COVID-19 information center, notifications in people’s feeds on Facebook and Instagram, and through labels with reliable information from experts that Facebook attaches to certain posts, Facebook has been able to help surface reliable information while reducing the visibility of misinformation. In fact, Facebook knows that when a warning screen is placed on a post, 95% of the time people refrain from clicking it. And now with COVID-19 vaccines rolling out to people around the world, Facebook is driving a global campaign to help bring 50 million people a step closer to getting COVID-19 vaccines.

In the next episode of Let Me Explain, Facebook will dive into how it develop its Community Standards and where it draws the line between freedom of expression and safety. Check Facebook for Business News in the coming weeks for more episodes.