McLovin’ takes a stand for Mike’s Hard seltzers

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is helping the O.G. hard lemonade tackle a tough category.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse isn’t sour about his new side hustle with Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

The comedian, best known as McLovin’ from the movie Superbad, has taken a gig running his own hard lemonade seltzer stand in the brand’s campaign for its newest beverage.

“Lemonade has always been associated with the stands people have in the summer, and we wanted a funny take on that,” explains Kelly Graham, senior marketing director for innovation and ventures at Labatt. “We partnered with Chris because he’s just a super funny guy and we thought that it would be great to channel his energy to really bring the idea of a side hustle to life.”

As part of the campaign, Mike’s is inviting Canadians to submit slogans for the new beverage until Aug. 30 through comments on its social media posts. The person who submits the winning slogan will receive $5,000.

“I think people really love Mike’s as a brand, and it’s great to be able to involve them like this,” says Graham. “It’s a way to get them to participate and not just watch.”

The seltzer comes to Canada after its U.S. launch earlier this year. The brand is looking to establish itself in the hard seltzer category, which has become increasingly crowded as more brewers diversify their portfolios beyond beer – Labatt itself previously waded in with its Bud Light brand, on top of several other volleys in the broader ready-to-drink category.

Mike’s aims to differentiate itself from the pack through its flavour, Graham says, bona fides it has been able to build through its range of hard lemonades.

“There have been a lot of seltzer launches out there recently and we wanted to bring something from the original hard lemonade brand that is a refreshing sparkling seltzer and still has the full lemonade flavour,” she notes. “The point of difference here is it’s a seltzer that actually tastes like a lemonade.”

FCB Canada led the development of the Mintz-Plasse content while Labatt’s internal creative agency, Draftline Canada, led on the wider campaign, supported by Veritas Communications.

Graham says the primarily digital campaign with a focus on social will run through the end of the summer into September “as the iconic lemonade season winds up.”