Belgian Moon creates a coozy that will end beer spills

Molson Coors is launching a flavour-focused light beer with a reminder that every bit of it is meant to be enjoyed.
V5. Aug 9 - Belgian Moon LightSky Adapt - EN PR Key Visual

Molson Coors wants to hold your beer to show that a single drop spilled is a drop too many.

That’s the message the brewer is sending with the launch of a campaign for its “Stabeerlizer,” a limited-edition contraption it has created to help prevent the somewhat common experience of a spilled drink.

The device consists of a plastic can holder attached to a lawn spike that can be driven into the ground. It has a light-up level icon that shows when the beer is being held safely.

A limited number of “Stabeerlizers” are being sold through Molson Coor’s Ship and Sip ecommerce platform.

Though it could theoretically be used for any beer, the “Stabeerlizer” is tied directly to Belgion Moon’s new LightSky brew, and the brewer says it has done so deliberately to help buck a misconception about light beers – as well as this particular entry into the category.

“Light beer has a reputation as being disposable, you don’t really care if you spill it. It’s something you sip on while you’re doing something else rather than actually enjoying what you’re drinking in the moment,” said Joy Ghosh, VP of above premium beer and FMB at Molson Coors. “We wanted to remind drinkers that LightSky is different. It’s so flavourful that it deserves to be enjoyed to the very last drop.”

The campaign was developed by Rethink. Wavemaker handled the media buy for the campaign, with Citizen handling PR and Volt handling community management. It will run until Sept. 2.