Epica Awards tout impartiality to set itself apart from other shows

As entries open, organizers say if there's no bias in judging, there's no excuses for losing.


The organizers of the Epica Awards have found a cheeky way of putting the advertising industry on notice that they are now accepting entries for consideration.

The group has launched a new campaign, titled “No Bias, No Excuses,” to serve as a call for entries, which it is accepting until Oct. 8. The creative highlights what sets Epica apart from other competitions: that it is an awards show judged by a jury composed of journalists and not other agency professionals. The Epica juries are pulled from journalists at more than 200 advertising and marketing publications globally, including strategy.

“The advertising industry seems to be the only one where we insist on judging ourselves,” explains César Garcia, CD for Amsterdam creative agency Cloudfactory, which worked on the campaign. “We wanted to point out the absurdity of this while also explaining why Epica is different.”

The campaign features a number of graphics that include “excuses” creatives might use to justify their losses in award show categories, such as “half the jury was from another network” and “there was a guy on the jury who doesn’t like me.”


“One of the things we like about the campaign is that it reflects a reality,” says Cloudfactory CD Julio Alvarez, who also worked on the effort. “We thought we could have fun with that and be a little provocative at the same time.”

Once again this year, the Epica Awards will be a digital-only event, with judging beginning Nov. 8 and the show itself being held on Dec. 9. Creatives are encouraged to submit their entries online before Oct. 8.