Safe Haven imagines unhoused youth as influencers

The Calgary foundation creates a spoof video to show the realities homeless girls and women in the city face.

Copied from Stimulant - SafeHaven

Most people have a bedtime routine – a nightly ritual that helps them get ready for sleep.

Now, the Safe Haven Foundation, a non-profit that provides safe housing for young women, is reimagining what that routine might look like for a young woman who doesn’t have a bed (or home) to call her own.

That’s the crux of the “Streetfluencers” campaign, developed by Calgary creative shop Daughter, which includes a 60-second hero spot that parodies an influencer video.

The video features an unhoused teen girl explaining what she does to prepare for a night sleeping on the street – from substituting chewing gum for brushing her teeth to making sure she tucks away her long hair to conceal that she is a girl.

1920_906813250012In addition to the spot, which is running on TV locally in Calgary, the campaign supplemented by OOH billboards, running on donated media space, pairing provocative slogans with imagery reminiscent of Instagram posts, as well as the Calgary-wide experiential displays that include bedroom signs on various outdoor structures such as park benches and bus shelters – locations unhoused youth might claim as a bed.

The campaign intends to reach Calgarians wherever they may be to raise awareness about the problem of youth homelessness in Calgary, as well as the Safe Haven Foundation’s efforts over the past 25 years to keep homeless and at-risk youth safe.