Avocados from Mexico helps families learn to cook

The brand's latest Quebec-focused campaign partners with a healthy eating initiative that brings kids into the kitchen.


Avocados from Mexico is using virtual world cuisine-themed workshops to target back-to-school Quebec families.

“C’est Moi Le Chef,” a group with a mandate to encourage healthy eating habits among young people, is presenting a workshop series running Sept. 17 to 26, in which kids learn how to prepare food from Québec, France, Senegal and Mexico, which of course is chock-full of avocados.

Participants will get a chance to purchase goodie bags with “C’est Moi le Chef” aprons, sponsor products and also Avocados From Mexico “avosavers” coupons. 

Apart from the direct link to the Mexico-themed class, Avocados From Mexico has a connection to the project because learning how to cook with healthy ingredient is one of its key messages, explains Miguel Barcenas, strategy and marketing consultant for APEAM, Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico. 

According to Barcenas, education is really important for Avocados From Mexico, and this particular event targets kids and family and positions avocados as a healthy, versatile, fresh and tasty ingredient in a wide variety of recipes.   

“Kids influence their parents’ decision when planning weekly meals or buying food,” Barcenas says. “We want to encourage healthy eating habits from the youngest age and this event is a great way to do it.” 

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Barcenas tells strategy that September is an important period for families, and that the targeting is more around back to school instead of the Quebec market, per se. However, Montreal remains a key market for the brand, having run promotional partnerships with the Montreal Canadiens to target that region. 

While there is no in-store element for the campaign, it’ll be deploying some back-to-school themed influencer posts and contesting to create buzz before the cooking classes.

On Sept. 19, the brand will host a Facebook Live workshop on C’est moi le chef’s Facebook page, led by Montréal chef, co-owner of Calaveras and C’est Moi Le Chef founder Karine Desserre‑Pezé in order to inspire meal ideas.

To further amplify the fruit’s kid-friendly message, Avocados From Mexico is also working together with nutritionist and mommy blogger Melanie Magnan on a special feature in parenting magazine Moi Parent, in which she will offer snacking and meal tips. Magnan and Toronto-based mommy influencer Georgia Eliopoulos will also be sharing lots of avocado-inspired content on Instagram.

Sopexa Canada worked on this campaign.