Mark’s broadens the appeal of its simple fashion

The retailer's fall campaign aims to show that casual wear fits the day-to-day lives of a diverse range of customers.


Clothing retailer Mark’s is expanding on its “All Things Simple” platform with a new fall campaign that shows even simple wardrobes can be versatile.

“Time is our customers’ greatest commodity, and they want simple shopping experiences and simple wardrobes to negate the complicated decision-making in apparel and fashion,” explains Sean Goodwin, AVP of strategic marketing with Mark’s. “With this campaign, we’re really getting to the core of a versatile wardrobe. Mark’s doesn’t represent fashion trends, we represent a simple, versatile wardrobe that you wear day in and day out.”

Mark’s launched its All Things Simple platform last year, Goodwin notes, and its focus has gradually evolved.

Last Fall, Mark’s placed a heavy focus on casual wear and how simple clothes can make it easier to enjoy simple moments. It built on that by showcasing its e-commerce platform in March – amid pandemic lockdowns – before shifting focus to remind its legacy clientele, such as contractors, that it is still a good place to shop for workwear at the start of the summer.

This campaign returns the emphasis to the simple, casual wardrobe and shows how it “can look really good,” with more of an energetic tone that reflects people’s day-to-day lives, compared to the relaxed pace of the platform launch that was focused on slowing down.

Mark’s is also likely known for a slightly older, male-skewing customer base who want to look good without having to make a lot of fuss. But the new campaign is also meant to highlight in more direct terms how Mark’s collection of “basics and essentials” can work for everyone, regardless of age, background, ability or living situation, Goodwin says.

“Mark’s can service Canadians whatever they need, and no matter where they’re at in their lives,” he notes. “We represent all Canadians.”

To that end, in addition to the 30-second spot, the campaign also features shorter videos spotlighting individual people and the kinds of simple clothes they like to wear while they go about their day, whether that is simply chores around the house, riding a bike to errands outside or taking the kids for a hike outside.

The campaign runs until Oct. 24 on TV, digital and social – with big buys focused on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, the latter of which “has been a really great platform for us,” says Goodwin. With this campaign, Mark’s is also testing some executions on upstart social networking service TikTok.

It was developed by Cartier, with traditional media buying handled by Touche! and Mark’s own internal team executing the digital portion of the campaign strategy.