Tylenol and Heineken lead their categories in brand health

YouGov's first Canadian brand rankings of the year look at the personal care, beer and seltzer categories.

In a year with a lot of ups and downs, a new brand ranking from market research firm YouGov has found that Tylenol and Heinken did the best job of weathering the storm among Canadian consumers.

YouGov bases its rankings on an index score from YouGov BrandIndex. That score measures overall brand health by combining six key contributors – impression, quality, value, satisfaction, recommend and reputation – which are determined by averaging the results of a series of nationally representative polls over a 12-month period from Aug. 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021.

The first of these rankings for Canada in 2021 look at the personal care and beer/seltzer categories.

Tylenol leads in the personal care category, with a score of 44.7. It is followed by Dove (39.9), Colgate (37.4), Advil (37.2) and Polysporin (35).

Tide (34.5), Crest (33.4), Lysol (32.6), Dawn (31.2) and Gilette (29.9) round out the top ten.

The most improved personal care brands over that period, according to YouGov, are Colgate, Crest and Dawn. Though they didn’t reach the top ten, Reactine, Aleve, Benadryl, Voltaren, Bounty and Downy also showed noteable improvement in brand scores over the polling period.

In beer and seltzers, meanwhile, Heineken leads the pack with a score of 25.3. It is followed by Corona (22.7), Stella Artois (21.8), Molson Canadian (16.8) and Budweiser (16.5). Coors Light (13.1), Bud Light (9.3), Belgian Moon (6.4), Molson Export (6.4) and White Claw (6.3) close out the top ten.

Notable about the two lists is the fact that Heineken’s score, which put it at the top of the the beer and seltzer list, would put it outside the top ten of the personal care list.

The first in a series of brand rankings set for this year, YouGov plans to next release a top retail brands of the year list in the coming months.

Featured image: Mike Mozart