Guru teams up with a Quebec reality show

The energy drink is reaching out to outdoor enthusiasts and fans of the hit show, Occupation Double.


Guru is tapping the popularity of a Quebec reality TV show to help it build on the momentum of a convenience channel summer shopper campaign aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.

Occupation Double, or “OD” as it’s known, originally aired from 2003 to 2013 on TVA and got a big ratings bounce when it was revamped in 2017, frequently drawing more than a million viewers in the province. It’s a hybrid of Bachelor in Paradise and Big Brother with attractive singles variously coupling up and voting one another off.

Guru-shopper-marketing-programEnergy drink brand Guru has been an Occupation Double sponsor since 2018, frequently holding contests relating to the themes of the show, which this year, had to be filmed in Quebec rather than abroad, thanks to pandemic lockdowns.

“Go West with Guru,” or “En route vers l’ouest,” was a custom made show collaboration created by Bob to anchor the brand in consumers’ minds and solidify awareness of the energy drink in the Quebec market. It’s tied into the theme of this year’s season, which is traveling west into scenic mountain setting.

The strategy is to make an emotional connection with consumers, appealing to their desire to road trip, travel and discover, something that both Guru drinkers and Occupation Double viewers have in common, says Gladys Kounkou, account manager, shopper marketing at Bob.

She tells strategy that to create this execution and bring it to life, it focused on emphasizing the energetic and exciting world of the beverage, always focused on the outdoors and connection with nature, hence the cardboard camper van at point of sale.

The brand is also tapping into “vanlife,” a social media-driven phenomenon of getting away from urban setting and living out of a vehicle to commune with nature.

The shopper campaign includes what Bob calls a series of sophisticated POS pieces to maximize the brand’s impact in a small space, and to stand out from traditional displays.

The displays can now be seen in Quebec convenience stores (Couche-Tard, Bonisoir, Provisoir), Jean Coutu, IGA and Metro. The campaign will run until the end of the year.