Why wait for Google?

Quantcast allows users to explore activation and measurement in cookieless environments well before 2023

quantcast-cookieless-advertising-minBy: Shruti Koparkar, Head of Product Marketing Quantcast

The advertising landscape on the open internet is changing rapidly as the technology of the past begins to crumble. Google may have called extra time on the demise of the third-party cookie, but brands, agencies, publishers and technology companies should remain focused on finding a long-term alternative.

Clients want to avoid swapping a mad-dash in 2021 for a mad-dash in 2023, and are ready to activate parts of the open internet that are currently inaccessible, such as Safari and Firefox browser environments.

This is why Quantcast remains focused on developing sustainable solutions that enable audience planning, activation, and measurement independent of third-party cookies. Our approach to the demise of third-party cookies is built on three pillars: industry standards, interoperability, and innovation – all in service of a free and open internet.


Quantcast Ara TopicMap portal offers brands a way to capture consumer intent accurately using expressive contextual signals to precisely reach desired audiences.

Cookieless activation and measurement capabilities in the Quantcast Platform

In September, at Quantcast’s Fall Virtual NOVA event titled “Simply Smarter Connections,” we unveiled activation and measurement solutions for a cookieless future. With a single click, our customers and partners can seamlessly delve into cookieless environments (e.g., Safari and Firefox) to see how they can reach audiences without cookies right now, not next year.

Ease of use has always been central to the Quantcast Platform. This feature does not impact activation and measurement in environments that still have cookies (e.g., Google Chrome). This capability activates prospective audiences, and will extend it to retargeting and audience planning in the coming months.


Insightful cookieless measurement

A key feature of the Quantcast Platform’s solutions is that it gives advertisers the ability to measure and justify investments in cookieless environments. In addition to performance metrics for cookie environments, the cookieless breakdown report gives insights into the following metrics:

  • Spend toward cookieless inventory
  • CPM of cookieless inventory
  • Impressions served on cookieless inventory
  • Clicks recorded on ads served to cookieless inventory
  • CTR of cookieless inventory
  • Uniques/reach of cookieless activation
  • Conversions/results from serving on cookieless inventory
  • CPA from serving on cookieless inventory

cookieless-ad-measurement-minNew opportunities for customers today

Quantcast has been fortunate enough to have customers who collaborated on building and testing these capabilities, and the initial results are very encouraging. “Measurement is the foundation of a sustainable post-cookie world,” says Christopher Barr, senior account manager at Add3. “Quantcast’s one-click cookieless solution allows us to not only activate audiences without third-party cookies, but also gives us the ability to measure results and optimize campaigns based on that information. Our partnership with Quantcast gives us confidence that we will be able to find and connect with our audiences, wherever they are on the internet.”

Quantcast is committed to continue working with partners to help navigate complexity, ambiguity, and the unexpected. Rather than treating the cookies extension as a reprieve, by engaging with cookieless solutions now, you gain early access to:

  • reaching new customers that you couldn’t reach before
  • benefiting from less expensive inventory due to very little competition (lower CPMs)
  • preparing well ahead of the Google 2023 third-party cookie deprecation deadline

This seamless ability to explore cookieless activation and measurement is available today via the Quantcast Platform, which was built to ingest multiple signals (including emerging ID and cohort solutions) and combine them statistically to enable data-driven advertising independent of third-party cookies. Why wait for Google when you could be exploring the cookieless universe today?

Shruti Koparkar is Quancast’s head of product marketing 
For more on the cookieless opportunities available via the Quantcast Platform or to request a demo please reach out here