Earnscliffe rebrands to reflect multidisciplinary offering

The firm, best known for government and policy work, has been expanding its corporate expertise and creative services.


Earnscliffe is launching a rebrand today that showcases the growth of its multidisciplinary team and the evolution of its service offering beyond government relations.

“Government relations, public opinion research and strategic communications are all services that we offer, but we like to orient ourselves around solution offerings and working with our clients to identify exactly what their objectives are, then putting the right plan and strategies in place to achieve those,” says Craig Robinson, CEO of Earnscliffe. “This rebrand is a more modern look intended to convey to the market that multidisciplinary approach.”

The rebrand incorporates a new logo and website, and a shortened name – Earnscliffe Strategy Group is now simply Earnscliffe Strategies.

EarnscliffeEarnscliffe was founded in 1989 and made its name in the government relations practice. Over the past decade, Robinson says, it has expanded its strategic communications and public opinion research offerings – including during the pandemic. Among the hires it has made, the company added a new director of creative services, Lior Etziony, in March.

The company’s growth – particularly in creative – was driven by the needs of Earnscliffe’s current clients, says Kiki Cloutier, principal of strategic communications at Earnscliffe (the firm does not disclose the clients that it works with).

“As we push through the pandemic and look to the future, there’s really an emphasis on the need for a strong, creative team to help tell the story behind our campaigns and our communications collateral,” she adds.

Over the past year and a half, as the team has grown by 34%, Robinson realized “this is a company that looks remarkably different even from the one that went into the pandemic.” As such, it became a priority for the company to tout its more rounded service offering.