The pharma report: sparking “careiosity”

BAM looks to drive results with meaningful digital experiences.

BAM Strategy’s work with Akili Interactive for EndeavorRX, a video-game treatment for children with ADHD, runs the gamut from paid media to creative to web development and custom attribution analysis.

When Pete Meyers, BAM Strategy’s President, U.S., first joined the agency and learned about its motto “Careiosity” (meaning care + curiosity), he was skeptical.

“I thought, ‘Is this really meaningful?’ But seeing it from the inside, I realized it is the truth about what we do,” says Meyers, formerly of GroupM and Ogilvy. “It’s about approaching a [project] with care and thoughtfulness, but also underpinned by an insatiable curiosity that allows us to think about things in innovative and interesting ways with the ultimate goal of creating impact.”

He’s excited by the recent launch of a New York office after 25 years as one of Canada’s premier full-service digital marketing agencies, new clients including Omega-3 supplements producer Naturesage, telehealth ecommerce startup AgelessRx, and Reckitt, for which BAM is providing customer relationship management for the company’s hygiene and home business.“We have seen very quick growth in the U.S. – beyond what we anticipated,” he says.

With a staff of 82 in Canada and the U.S., BAM sees its integrated service model as the core of its approach.

Meyers points to work with client Akili Interactive on EndeavorRx, an FDA-approved video-game treatment for kids who have ADHD. He says BAM works with the company on every service it can provide, from paid media to creative to UX and UI for web development and custom attribution analytics.

Akili has embraced telehealth – the EndeavorRx website’s home page initiates a direct relationship upon arrival by inviting visitors to “Talk to a doctor now.” Meyers sees telehealth as one of the biggest marketing strategy stories of the pandemic.

“A number of our clients have it in market and others are looking to launch it soon,” he says. “It’s a big benefit for consumers and physicians, and from a marketing strategy standpoint, it creates different opportunities for messaging, KPIs and attribution – things that didn’t exist to the same degree 18 months ago.”

Akili has also embraced telehealth, inviting potential customers to speak with a physician via a call-to-action button on the EndeavorRx website

Akili has also embraced telehealth, inviting potential customers to speak with a physician via a call-to-action button on the EndeavorRx website

BAM also is working with dynamic creative optimization (DCO), which allows the team to load many variations into social environments, including image options, calls to action, colour formats, ad formats and more.

“Previously it had been, ‘We have four pieces of creative, so let’s have a six-month roadmap to be able to test which one drives value,’” Meyers says. “Now, instead of testing four, you can test 100 and you can get feedback within a 30-to-45-day period with social platforms to rapidly isolate what is the ideal variation that drives the best performance.”

In the context of pharma, he adds, “you can capture that capability, but still do it within the regulatory requirements that our pharma-brand partners need to live within.”

The technology is changing the game, Meyers says. “Instead of A/B testing, I call it full alphabet testing.”

Pete Meyers
president, U.S.

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