The 2021 pharma report

How pharma brands are rewriting the script to create healthier relationships

introAt this time last year, you were probably having a conversation about “when COVID-19 is over…”

But as the second year of the global pandemic drags on, it continues to present both tremendous challenges and opportunities in the health and pharma marketing sector. At a time when health continues to be top of mind for consumers of every age and stage, delivering practical, thoughtful messaging is more important than ever.

Consumer behaviour is changing in ways that might be here to stay. Patients’ in-person visits with their health-care providers (HCPs) continue to be reduced due to coronavirus mitigation measures, and so they are turning to the Internet like never before. People are discussing efficacy rates and dosing intervals – concepts they likely never considered in the past. Online misinformation is rampant, making it difficult for people to separate fact from fiction. Personalization is key, yet privacy is paramount.

Meanwhile, there are increasing demands on HCPs’ time, making it imperative to provide them the info they need when they need it. Technological advances are making it easier to cut through the noise, while providing real, meaningful messaging in an era where the inbox is always full.

In this era where change is the only constant, the four innovative companies featured here – BAM Strategy, McCann Health Canada, No Fixed Address and Tank Worldwide – are stretching their creative muscles to craft work with substance and impact. They listen, they learn, and they are helping clients forge relationships with their target audiences that will have staying power long after the pandemic has passed.

Read on to see how pharma marketing is evolving to be more conversational, more creative – and ultimately – more impactful.

The 2021 pharma report:

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NFA: No fixed approach

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