Hershey is making sure it’s impossible to miss its Kisses in store

The CPG's big displays aim to capture attention during an increased-frequency holiday shopping period.


Hershey is placing a “big bet” on the holiday season for Kisses, hoping that its conspicuous retail theatre displays continue to build interest in the company’s growth driver.

Hershey’s Kisses’ TV-led “Sweet Reunions” campaign is running through December, and includes a fulsome shopper element by Godin Productions, including flexible headers and side panels, dump bin kits and headers.

The campaign is informed by Hershey insights that seasonal aisle displays have significant engagement and are a key purchase trigger. And according to Baden Ireland, senior marketing manager at Hershey Canada, 77% of people who celebrate holidays buy confection, and with those purchases spread between three to five shopping trips, it provides Hershey with a lot of opportunities to win in-store if it can capture attention.

Ireland tells strategy investment around the holidays represents a “big bet season for Kisses.”

According to Nielsen data, when it comes to holiday dollar volume percentage change versus 2019, Hershey’s Kisses are up 31%, compared with 4% for the category as a whole, with primary and secondary usage driven by candy dishes and baking ingredients. “Kisses works very well for when you’re hosting around the holiday season,” Ireland says.


The larger 180 gram bags work well for both occasions, and there is bold new wrapping paper for each as a packaging innovation to draw eyeballs. Some packaging also features an integration with holiday classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

“Retailtainment” is very important these days, adds Jorge Rivera, shopper marketing manager at Hershey. This year’s holiday season represents a ramping up in spend, Rivera says, and is a huge opportunity. That’s why it’s working closely to elevate the in-store shopping experience, especially in places like Loblaw and Walmart (see, Lethbridge, Alberta Walmart location below). According to the confectionery company, it needs to capitalize on its strong results and keep the momentum through a differentiated shopping experience.

Hershey Canada aims to deliver a holistic brand experience across touchpoints for shopper, and has integrated ‘shop now’ buttons in social comms driving to retailer brand hubs to bridge from awareness to conversion.

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