Campbell’s latest recipe: broth-based cocktails

Instead of pouring leftover broth down the drain, the brand has created recipes so consumers can pour them into a glass.


Throughout its history, recipe content has been a staple of Campbell’s marketing, giving consumers ideas and inspiration for how its canned soups and broths can be used as an ingredient in a bigger meal.

In its latest campaign, its taking that idea out of the kitchen and to the bar.

Created by agency Leo Burnett and Proof, the new “BrothTails” campaign operates on a simple insight: consumers often only use a portion of Campbell’s ready-made broth products, and are often stumped as to how to use the rest before it expires.

To address that issue, several Canadian mixologists were tapped to find ways to incorporate the broth into recipes for popular cocktails like negronis, margaritas, daiquiris and bourbon sours. The idea might create the less-than-appetizing prospect of simply drinking the broth from a glass, but they are actually incorporated in more subtle ways, like turning the broths into syrups or ice cubes, to add complimentary flavours to the cocktails.

The recipes are being made available on a microsite, alongside recipes for other dishes to pair the cocktails with.