The Garden wins TG Appliance Group

The company, which operates 14 Tasco and Goemans stores, wants to create more differentiation in appliance retail.


The Garden has picked up the assignment for TG Appliance Group, parent company of the Tasco Appliances and Goemans retail banners.

Selected following a competitive review, The Garden has been tasked with repositioning TG Appliance Group’s banners to stand out in a competitive retail category. Work on strategy and brand positioning has already begun, which will be followed by identity work and creative platform development. The first work is expected to be in-market in early-to-mid 2022.

“Ultimately, our ambition is to help both Tasco and Goemans stand out by giving people a reason to fall in love with their brands and the overall experience they provide,” says The Garden’s co-founder, Shari Walczak. “Which can be particularly challenging when what they focus on selling in their showrooms are other company’s brands, and not their own.

Tasco Appliances first opened its doors in 1954, with Goemans opening in 1978. The retailers merged to create TG Appliance Group in 2014. Between the two banners, it operates 14 stores across Ontario, generating $250 million in annual revenue.

“We have a strong heritage and loyal customer base, but we play in an industry where the products, prices and promotions are virtually identical across competitors,” says Andrew Borsk, the company’s director of marketing. “The experience we offer goes beyond those base purchase drivers and we believe The Garden has the talent and approach to help us refine our offering and engage with more appliance shoppers at a higher level.”