ZGM takes Best of Show at Anvil Awards

The "United Apart" campaign helped the agency pick up 15 awards at the show recognizing the best of Western Canada.

ZGM Modern Marketing took home the most awards at this year’s virtual Anvil Awards, with the show’s top prize among them.

Presented by the Ad Rodeo Association, the Anvil Awards recognize the top advertising and design work to come out of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

ZGM won Best of Show – as well as seven other Anvil awards – for “United Apart,” a campaign for the Calgary branch of the United Way. During the early days of the pandemic, the ads featured a series of hearts and text printed in a way that it can only be read when standing at least six feet away, getting the message across that the community was still standing together, even if they had to physically stand apart.

The agency also won for work with the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association, Distress Centre of Calgary, Fortis Alberta, Honest Dumplings and South Island Pie Co., reaching a grand total of 15.

C&B Advertising managed to pull in seven Anvil wins for work with Co-Op, Silver Linings and Travel Alberta. AdFarm won six, four of which were for its own rebranding, and two for its work with Nutrien.

Daughter, DDB, Oliver, Trigger, Wild Forest and WS also picked up multiple Anvil wins. All of the Anvil wins are listed below, with the full list of winners (including Merits) available on the Ad Rodeo website.

ZGM Modern Marketing: 15 Anvils

Alberta Fire Chiefs Association, “Whatever It Takes, It’s Worth It”
Fearless Client

Distress Centre of Calgary, “Every Second Counts – Day”
Online (Non-broadcast single)

Fortis Alberta, “No Power”
Broadcast (Radio Single)

Honest Dumplings, “Honest Dumplings”
Craft (Illustration)
Illustration Series

South Island Pie Co., “Jamie’s Story”
Non-broadcast Video (Long-form)

United Way of Calgary and Area, “United Apart”
Best of Show
Craft (Art Direction)
Print (Out-of-home Single)
Print (Poster Single)
Print (Print Single)

Best COVID-19 Response Series
Best COVID-19 Response Single

Wood Buffalo Economic Development, “FMWB View Finder”
Print (Direct Marketing Single/Campaign)

C&B Advertising: 7 Anvils

Co-op, “Shop Online: WSB E-Commerce Launch”
Photography (Photo Single)
Outdoor (Outdoor Series)

Online (Online Display Single/Campaign)

Silver Linings, “Like & Subscribe”
Craft (Copywriting)

Travel Alberta, “One Shot at Summer”
Online (Non-broadcast campaign)
Craft (Videography)

Non-broadcast video (Short-form)

Travel Alberta, “The Winter West”
Photography (Photo Series)

AdFarm: 6 Anvils

AdFarm, “AdFarm Rebrand”
Craft (Logo)
Environmental (Branded Environment – Permanent)

Design (Brand Identity)
Online (Website) (w/Sajak & Farki)

Nutrien, “Crop Prophecy”
Broadcast (Radio Series)

Nutrien, “Smart Nutrition”
Craft (Animation)

Daughter Creative: 5 Anvils

Annex Ale Project, “Boldly Go and Then Gone”
Design (Packaging)

Bow Valley College, “Do It For Your Future Self”
Broadcast (TV/Cinema Series)
Integrated (Integrated Campaign)
Strategy (Brand Strategy)

Radicle, “Voicing Some Radical Notions”
Photography (Photo Illustration)

DDB: 2 Anvils

City of Edmonton, “The Future is Urban”
Online (Microsite)

Southern Alberta Art Gallery, “In a Box”
Illustration (Illustration Single)

Oliver: 2 Anvils

Swoop, “A Pearson Apology”
Online (Best Use of Social Media)

Swoop, “Countdown”
Outdoor (Outdoor Single)

Trigger: 2 Anvils

Inter Pipeline, “Hazards”
Print (B2B)

Point Sushi, “Bullet Train Sushi”
Print (Poster Series)

Wild Forest: 2 Anvils

Francois Audouy, “Francois Audouy”
Online (Website under 30K)
Craft (User Experience)

WS: 2 Anvils

Burwood Distillery, “Burwood Ecommerce Website”
Online (Ecommerce Website)

Canadian Outstanding Young Farmers, “Call to Farms”
Print (Print Series)

Atom Studio : 1 Anvil

Centre for Suicide Prevention, “2020 Annual Report)
Design (Annual Report)

Critical Mass: 1 Anvil

Every Mother Counts, “Face to Face”
Public Service (Anvil for Good)

Evans Hunt: 1 Anvil

Evans Hunt, “F* It”
Self-promotion single/campaign

Kevin Foley: 1 Anvil

Toronto Maple Leafs, “Don’t Blink”
Craft (Music or Sound Design) (w/ Scouts Honour)

Matter Studio: 1 Anvil

Contemporary Calgary, “Yoko Ono & Omar Ba Exhibitions”
Environmental (Branded Environment)

McCann: 1 Anvil

Western Canadian Lottery Corporation, “Bigger”
Broadcast (TV/Cinema Single)

Roth & Ramberg Photography: 1 Anvil

Craft (Photography)

Scouts Honour: 1 Anvil

Toronto Maple Leafs, “Don’t Blink”
Craft (Music or Sound Design) (w/ Kevin Foley)

UpHouse: 1 Anvil

Delta9, “Joint Rolling Handbook”
Design (Brochure, Catalogue or Book)

Vovia: 1 Anvil

Cal & Gary’s (Co-op), “Cal & Gary’s Brand Launch”
Strategy (Integrated Media Strategy)

Wax: 1 Anvil

Honda, “Can’t Stand The Heat”
Print (Out-of-home Campaign)